Hi Non-Resident Pool members, If you have been a previous pool member and are interested in joining again, please follow this link …. https://wilmingtonpark.org/pool-member-registration/ to register for your portal. This will allow you to bypass the $200 new member fee that you have already paid. Please help us spread the word to any other non resident pool members. We are so excited to have each of you as a member for the 2022 season. Payments may not be working until Mid March. Please be patient as we put the final touches on the site.

First time nonresident pool members for season 2022 will use the cart on the membership page. When you pay the membership and the $200 first time fee, an account will be created for you at that time. You will use the login to continue membership in the following years and bypass the fee that you have already paid in 2022.

Non-Resident Pool members