WP POOL RULES (current reminder): Children 12 and Up are permitted at the Pool without a Parent or Adult. Siblings under 12 are NOT permitted, unless a Parent or Responsible Adult is on the premises.

2024 update Pool Rules addition: Lifeguards are not allowed to let unaccompanied/unsupervised child(ren) under 12 year old enter the pool area. This is a safety issue and Lifeguards are NOT to be viewed as babysitters. Please Note: This will be strictly enforced for the remainder of the 2024 season.

Guest Rules (current reminder):
o The fee is $5 per guest per Day. Friends and out of town family members are considered guests.
o Guests must be accompanied by a registered pool member.
o Guests must adhere to all WPHA Pool Rules.
o Guests under 18 must be signed in by an adult.

1.) A Guest may not exceed 5 visits over the pool season, as WP Members are our first consideration due to their paid membership.
Any additional visits by the same individual will require a WP Pool Membership, that can be purchased through the website.

2.) Members are Only permitted 4 Guests per household per day, registered by name through the guest pass order.

3.) Larger than 4 guest gatherings shall be considered a Pool Party. Please pay the Party fee based on the number of Guests and reserve the Pavilion. 

NOTES: As required by Coastal Pool Management, providing the required number of lifeguards, based on large gatherings, is of utmost importance for the safety of everyone at the WP Pool. Additionally, Members should have the opportunity to find a table or lounge chair and overcrowding can be avoided. Please remember that our pool is for members and their authorized guests. To make the pool more enjoyable for all members, please do not take advantage of our Guest Policy. Thank you, WP Pool Committee

Pool Policies- Updated & Effective June 2024