update: we had a setback and the card reader is not compatible with the current entrance fence. We will be replacing the gate before we get the card reader installed. Keep an eye out to see when the card reader will be ready to use. We will have all cards to you when that time comes. Please be patient. Residents should be sure they have their card as it will be the same as the dock card. Open a ticket if your current card doesn’t work or you can’t find your card. Duplicate cards for pool only are being discussed by the board.

We are actively working to install the card reader for the pool. Shortly after, the card reader for the courts will be activated as well. If you are a resident and do not have a card to use at the dock, please submit a ticket to get your card as soon as possible.

Residents, If you DO have a card for the dock, the same card will be used to access the pool and the courts. Please take a moment to use the card at the dock (if you haven’t recently) to be sure it works. If you cannot find your card and if you have been issued a card in the recent past, you will need to get a replacement for $25. Via the ticket system, we will send you a link to pay. If you have not had a card issued in the recent past, since we have been recording them, we will issue you one at no cost. This is the same policy we have had for several years now.

If you are a non resident pool member, we will have your card during the first 2 weekend of the pool opening. If you cannot pick up at the pool, please submit a ticket, and we will find a way to meet you or mail the card to your preferred address.

Everyone, please keep your card and it will be used every year for the pool. If you lose your card, it is a $25 fee to get a replacement and the lost card will be deactivated.

Thank you,

Wilmington Park Board.

Be sure you are logged in and Submit a ticket here:

Pool Gate Entrance Card- IMPORTANT