Update 8/29/23- everyone that signed up so far should have an email from me ([email protected])

Please look for it if you haven’t seen it yet.

we have

5 racers in the 5-10 (one just dropped out)

3 racers in the 11-16

1 racer in the 17+

4 racers in the Group 2+

1st Annual Labor Day Cardboard Boat Race

*Labor Day- Monday September 4th

*Sign in/inspection 11:30-12:30

*Voting 12:30-1:00

*Race start 1 pm 

*Age groups:  5-10, 11-16, 17+, Family 2+ 

*Categories:   Most Creative, Fastest (Boats race 3 at a time and are timed)

*Winners:  First, Second, & Third in each Age Group & Overall Creativity

*Distance:  Youth= one length of pool (25m), Adults & Family = 2 lengths of pool (50m) turns will be fun to watch

*Creativity is voted on before the race by fellow participants- one vote per boat made and no voting for yourself

*Name your boat – with duct tape

*Only cardboard and duct tape can be used, cardboard must be fully covered – NO PAINT, NO GLUE, NO STICKERS –  immediate disqualification if this rule is not followed.

*Participants must stay in the boat – no kicking or walking the boat

*Paddles must be used – can only be made of cardboard and covered completely with duct tape

*First 6 to sign up will get a chance to race *in each category*. (You will need to check your email to see if you are in or not) Sign up will begin on August 5th, 2023 @ 10 AM – (Link will be posted on the website event page on . (Not on Social media.) 

*Pavilion reserved before & during race

*Each Racer will vote on other boat designs for the top 3. (you may not vote for yourself)

*Safety:  Participants unable to swim must wear life jackets, Lifeguard will be in the water, Lifeguard or Helper will be in the water to hold the boat until race starts – they can also help guide the boat if it gets off course but are NOT allowed to PUSH the boat

*Tips:  From article/online (Simple is easier, Choose good cardboard, Tape in long overlapping strips, Choose tape wisely, Paddle construction, Tape inside your boat – water and cardboard don’t mix, HAVE FUN!)

*Boat Registration: Pre Register online to get a spot, reply email to give name of boat and sign in Day of event between 11:30am -12:30 pm

*Pre-race Inspection: Illegal items used on boat will result in disqualification

*un related Volunteers needed to time racers. Sign up with the same link.

*After the race, boats must be taken home. None shall be allowed to be discarded in trash or dumpster. 

Print all of this here: WP Cardboard Boat Race

Cardboard Boat Race 2023- Labor day