Dear Owners,

Wilmington Park Homes Association and Longshore Management are watching the progress of tropical storm Idalia closely.  As of Monday, 8/28, TS Idalia is expected to make landfall in Florida as a Category 3 hurricane.  Its impact will hit the greater Savannah area on Wednesday, most likely as a weakened category 1 hurricane.

Isolated tornadoes are possible starting Wednesday morning followed by heavy rain and increasing wind gusts.  Make sure you are prepared.  Please ensure that all patio furniture, wind chimes, and decor is secured and/or placed inside of garages by Tuesday evening. 

Furthermore, it is always a good idea to ensure that backyard trampolines are secured to the ground properly and grill secured and covers are removed. 

Please ensure that phones and devices are properly charged in case our community loses power during the storm.

We are making contact with handymen, pool companies, and landscapers in preparation for Idalia affecting our valued community.  Should you see that we have been affected by this storm, please reach out to us via the ticket system or [email protected]

We will be closing the pool on Tuesday afternoon through Thursday pending storm damage and cleanup. Please take care during and after the storm as any possible damages are assessed.

We are here to assist as much as possible.


Wilmington Park Homes Association Board

Storm Idalia- August 29, 2023